Bowie Everlasting Pea

[Lathyrus hirsutus] Winter reseeding annual vining pea. 30%+ in protein with excellent early spring growth from March to July. Once the plant has seeded out, it will be present for years to come ... hence the name "Everlasting". Capable of producing 10 thousand+ lbs of high protein Whitetail deer forage from September planting to June. A great natural fertilizer for soil building in gardens. A great winter-cover crop for gardens that is high in nitrogen and organic matter. It is great for nature lovers for attracting honey bees and other pollinating insects. A beautiful, vining plant with purple flowers. Great for planting small patches for quail and turkey. The first recovery plant in spring to produce green growth for deer and attract insects for birds. seeds also overwinter well to provide seed for birds.great for hay or livestock, grows simular to vetch with more plant growth and longer growing period.