TopGun Reseeding-Vining Soybeans

This is a new variety of reseeding soybean similar to QuailHaven but has a better plant growth and reseeds better with 25-35% hard seed (15-20 lb per acre alone and 15 lb. per acre in a blend). Use standard soybean herbicides. Vining soybean capable of producing 10 tons of forage per acre and will produce forage until first frost, around 150 days.Plant produces 15-20 foot vines that will grow up sunflowers,kenaf,sweet sorgum or any tall strong plant. hard seeds will provide quail and turkeys with seed all winter. Reseeds 3-5 years.Premerge herbicide Prowl or Prowl H2O for grass and Pursuit premerge for broadleaf control at planting. pre- emergent called Pre-fix works great at planting. available march . One 55# bag will plant 3 acres. Cheaper to ship one bag and buy other local seeds to build your own blend.