The Edge II

A Perennial blend of Haifa white clover, Kicker crimson clover, Forage Radish, Forage Brassicas. This blend is high in protein 30%+. Forage production of 12000#+ per acre in fall and 25000#+ in spring. Mix with cereal grains to increase forage production or plant alone on `The Edge` of a thicket in small patches. This blend will last 3-4 years with little maintance, which consists of clipping in late July after seed heads have matured and dried down. Plant one 8-pound container per half acre September 1 to mid October depending on your location. A small amount of soil "prep" is necessary. Cover with 1/4 inch of soil by dragging or roll packing. Try to plant within a few days of rain ... moisture is critical. PH needs to be 5 to 6.6. Fertilize with 250# of 0-20-20 or 200# of 13-13-13 per acre. Any grass herbicide such as Select or Poast can be used to control winter or spring grass.