The Edge

A Perennial blend of Invader arrowleaf clover, Kicker crimson clover, Forage Radish, Forage Brassicas. This blend is high in protein 30%+. Forage production of 12000#+ per acre in fall and 25000#+ in spring. Mix with cereal grains to increase forage production or plant alone on `The Edge` of a thicket in small patches. This blend will last 3-4 years with little maintance, which consists of clipping in late July after seed heads have matured and dried down. Plant one 8-pound container per half acre September 1 to mid October depending on your location. A small amount of soil "prep" is necessary. Cover with 1/4 inch of soil by dragging or roll packing. Try to plant within a few days of rain ... moisture is critical. PH needs to be 5 to 6.6. Fertilize with 250# of 0-20-20 or 200# of 13-13-13 per acre. Any grass herbicide such as Select or Poast can be used to control winter or spring grass. The EDGE II has Hafia white clover instead of Arrowleaf clover, the two clovers compete with each other and are not compataible. Arrowleaf grows 3-5 feet tall and will over shadow the white clover. White clover lasts 1 month longer and stays palatable longer than Arrowleaf, but Arrowleaf will produce 5 times more forage than white.