Whitetail Haven

IN STOCK55-lb bulk bag45.00
Blend of TopGun Reseeding Soybeans, Forage Soybeans (okra, BowDacious, Sweet Sorghum), Iron Clay Cowpeas and Forage Sorghums. Produces food and cover in one location with growth of 5-12 feet in height. Running legumes will climb the forage sorghum to create its own habitat complete with food. Great for open fields where you want to create a non-permanent habitat. Proper soil can produce 15-20 tons of plant matter and forage high in protein of 25-35%.

available in march . Planting Dates are April thru June and let stand all winter. Cover or roll pack 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep. Plant 55 lbs per acre. Fertilize with 200-300 lbs of 13-13-13 per acre. Use Basagram for broadleaf weed control.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control - Pursuit, Squadron, Prowl H2O
Application - Over top after planting, before crop emerges.

prefix at planting works great! *Pre-Emergent is a more cost effective method to kill weeds than Post-Emergent since pre-emergent kills weeds at a very early age.