OakHaven Forages Online Order/Quote/Prices Help Page

OakHaven Products -- OakHaven Forages sells seed by the pound and in economical bulk bags. If the line item has a "1" in the weight column, then it is being sold by the pound. Simply enter the number of pounds you wish to inquire about in the "qty" column. If the line item has a number larger than "1", such as "55", then it is being sold bagged by that much weight. Simply enter the number of bags you wish to inquire about in the "qty" column.

First & Last Name -- Simply enter the first & last name of the person who will be associated with the quote/order ... usually yourself.

Business Name -- [Optional] -- You may include a business name if appropriate. We strongly encourage including this if an order is to be sent to a business name. If you choose to select "Terminal" later in this form as a shipping destination you can use this space to declare any preferred shipping terminal.

Street/City/State/Zip/Country -- Enter the address of where you would like for any orders to be shipped. Business and Terminal addresses usually ship for less amounts!

Address Type -- If you need your items shipped to a residence you may choose that option, but shipping quotes are usually a little higher when doing so. If you provide a business address, select whether or not that business has a loading dock or forklift to assist in unloading. If you would like your items left at the closest available shipping terminal for pickup you may select that option. If you have a preferential terminal, please provide the name and address of that terminal.

Contact Phone -- Enter a phone number where we may contact you in case of immediate problems.

Email -- Enter an email address where we may contact you in case of a problem. A copy of the submitted quote will be sent to this email address. If the email address you provide is entered in our Newsletter database, you will automatically receive a subscriber-discounted rate on Oakhaven Products!

UPS Ground quotes only -- When you submit a quote, the calculator receives quotes from both UPS Ground services and Online Freight services. When this option is left unchecked, the calculator will proceed with the lowest quote. If you do not want freight quotes to be included then check this option.

Lift Gate Needed at Delivery Point -- If you selected a residence or a business without a dock/forklift and do not have a convenient way to unload a pallet from a delivery truck, you should check this option to upgrade the delivery truck to one with a Liftgate for unloading. This option only affects freight shipping and has no effect for UPS ground deliveries. This upgrade often increases the overall shipping costs for freight shipments.

No Shipping Necessary -- Check this box only if you are able to pick up an order directly from OakHaven Forages or you have made prior arrangements with the owner. The farm is located seven miles east of Senatobia, MS on Hwy 4, then two miles north on Hwy 305. It is one mile south of Indepence High School.